Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Article 1 – Purpose

These terms and conditions seek to set out the procedures according to which Bann’up installs the Bann’up system at the points of sale of our clients.

Bann’up provides a set-up which guarantees the tautness of advertising banners called “Bann’up systems” and supplies and prints advertising banners.

Article 2 – Service provided

The service of Bann’up is provided in 3 stages:

2.1 Pre-installation services:

  • Initial visit to the site (meeting the person responsible)
  • Study concerning the choice of location(s) for the installation of the system;
    • technical feasibility study
    • model choice (height of posts, lighting system, etc.)
    • technical file (photo-montage and installation diagram)

2.2 Services during installation:

  • Delivery of equipment
  • Sealing of concrete or bracket where necessary
  • Equipment installation
  • System demonstration
    • LED Ready for onsite electrical power

2.3 Post-installation services:

  • System maintenance
    • Bann’up services ensure the on-site replacement of any faulty part

    Artwork: size setting/creation of image

    • Creation of artwork for local campaigns and adaptation of national campaigns
  • Supply and print
  • Extranet : Online monitoring, tracking, selection of artwork
    • Replacement of a damaged banner during a 3-month period after delivery.
  • Delivery of banners to the site by unit
    • Lead Time : Two weeks from artwork proof approval
  • Recycling of used banners : Recovery of used banners for specific industrial recycling (see Texyloop.com).


Article 3 – Terms of installation

The technical feasibility study is produced by Bann’up prior to installation.

The client company provides Bann’up with the list of stores concerned by the subject-matter of the agreement and undertakes to inform the managers of each site.

The client company ensures that the permission of the lessor of each site has been given.


Article 4 – Duration – Termination

The agreement takes effect on the date of the installation. It is concluded for an indefinite period. Either party may terminate the agreement by registered letter, providing one month’s notice.

Bann’up may terminate the agreement eight days after a formal notice by registered letter :

  • In the event of a payment default, albeit partial, of any sum owed by virtue of the agreement on its due date
  • In the event that a banner is installed on the “Bann’up structure” which has not been provided by our company.
  • If the client company fails to fulfil any of its obligations under the agreement
  • In the event of judicial proceedings.

Article 5 – Guarantee

Bann’up guarantees the effective operation of the system under normal conditions of use and provided that it is informed of any breakdown or malfunction.

This guarantee may not be invoked if the client company uses any banners that are not supplied by Bann’up.

Article 6: Responsibilities

The client company is responsible for safeguarding the “Bann’up” system that has been provided. It undertakes to take out an insurance policy which covers both the equipment and its own civil liability.

The client company will carry out minor cleaning and lubrication operations to maintain the mechanical parts.

The client company must immediately inform Bann’up of any incident affecting the equipment by specifying the circumstances and consequences.

Article 7: Moving of equipment

The client company undertakes not to move the equipment. It will inform Bann’up, at least 30 days in advance, of any event which means that it is forced to permanently abandon the premises in which the equipment is installed.

Article 8: Return of the equipment

As soon as the agreement comes to an end, irrespective of the reason, the client company is required to return the equipment to Bann’up in a good state of repair.

If the equipment is not returned on the date on which the agreement is terminated, the client company will be liable to pay compensation for loss of use of the same amount and according to the same frequency as the rental price until such time as the equipment is returned. Without prejudice to any consequential damage to any unlawful use.

Article 9: Retention of the equipment

The client company may not transfer or pledge the rented equipment. If a third party were to assert any claims over this equipment by injunction or attachment the client company is required to protest against these claims and inform Bann’up of the same in writing so that it can safeguard its interests. If, however, the equipment is attached, the client company will bear all costs and fees related to the release: it will be liable for any damage which may arise from any failure to or delay in informing Bann’up.

Article 10 – Invoicing

The invoices will be established annually and payable in keeping with the negotiated terms.

Payment to be made within thirty days on receipt of invoice