Personalized accompaniment

Once our structure has been installed, take advantage of innovative, original solutions for your events communication:
A "win-win" partnership that develops with your campaigns and guarantees the success of our collaboration.

Secteur automobile


Point of sale advertising in the automobile sector is based on a number of objectives:

  • Running multi-service, new vehicle, used vehicle and after-sales offer campaigns, etc.
  • Coordinate operations across a group of single or multi-franchise dealerships.
  • Inform all your employees of current and future operations.

Our company supports the automobile groups by offering them online management solutions that allow them to organize, anticipate and inform employees of promotional offers.

These tools are configured by our staff in collaboration with your marketing departments.

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A few references in this sector

Customer: Peugeot Customer: Renault Customer: Toyota Customer: Volkswagen Customer: Citroën
Customer: Mercedes Customer: Audi


The catering sector is becoming increasingly competitive, especially in the fast food segment, which has to offer both quality and competitiveness.

A view of the offer at the point of sale prompts a buying reflex.

Our company has designed a new range of back-lit structures that highlight your promotional offers at the right place using a high-quality medium.

We can offer you access to a data bank of high-definition artwork to help you promote your restaurant and inform your customers: Menu, Drive Offer, Birthday, Desserts, Job Offers, etc.

An all-inclusive solution in a few clicks.

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Our references in this sector

Customer: Mc Donalds Customer: Quick Customer: Paul

Supermarkets &
Specialist stores

Supermarkets are prohibited from advertising on television and are the leading buyers of outdoor advertising systems in France. 95 % of their communication is based on short-lived price offers.

The Bach'up system is therefore ideal for reminding customers on the store car parks of the offers on display in the major media.

As for the other sectors, we offer a personalized service to help you advertise your sales offers throughout the country:

Our teams of employees and subcontractors can help you harmonize, accompany and organize the deployment of your offers across the region.

We can offer graphic design services for stores in the region.

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A few references in this sector

Customer: Decathlon Customer: Carrefour Customer: Ikea
Customer: Intermarché Customer: Biocoop

Local authorities & Exhibition centres

At a time of intense competition between tourist destinations and a vast increase in the number of cultural events, local authority communication has become a strategic component in the success of an initiative.

Above and beyond the traditional means of communication, the Bach'up system is the ideal outdoor medium. A structure dedicated to the town or village but also meeting the needs of cultural and sporting associations.

One or more systems at the entrances to the town or village.
A structure that can be dismantled when not in use.
The possibility of storing the banners from one year to the next.

Access to a usage planner for pre-booking occupation dates.

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A few references in this sector

Customer: Savoiexpo Customer: Val d'Isère Customer: Argenteuil Customer: Bourg Saint Maurice