A structure installed at eye-level, a set-up which guarantees tautness and banners which are easy to interchange.
Services are tailored to your needs so that you can take full advantage of the advertising "opportunities" of your point of sale.


From the layout study to system installation, we take care of every aspect in the process.

Graphic activity

Are you looking for a simple adaptation or a comprehensive formulation of your campaign?
Our graphic studio is here for you.

Printing & Delivery

After four-colour printing, your image is delivered directly to your various sites.


Has your campaign ended?
We collect and recycle your old banners.

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Adaptability, design, backlighting... Bach’up is tailored to the needs of every sector of activity.
You can have a particular Bach-up system at each point of sale!

Standard range

Discover adaptable and user-friendly systems so that relaying information about your car park is made easy.

Premium range

Enhance your brand image and improve your turnover with this version which combines aesthetics and commercial efficiency.


Your activity requires your messages to be visible at night so opt for the backlight version which is effective 24/7.

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We have their trust

We consider our clients to be much more than a mere reference: together we have forged a genuine partnership which has contributed to our growth for more than 10 years.
We are very grateful to them!

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